Tuesday, March 11

Only 10 days to go.....

.. until the first day of Spring, and our anniversary! And this year, it's on a Friday!!!

I posted a new WLJ this morning on my CafeMom page - pop over and check it out! It's a big, and important, one today.

This week, along with the Spring Cleaning going on, I will make time to write up The Story of Us. Something y'all can read on March 21, if you want - one of my favorite stories :-)

We have a "nice" day on tap (mid-40's, maybe warmer) and I have a bunch of cleaning up and such to do today. Next time you visit, I should have The Story up, and maybe there will be a couple enticing pictures.... I mean, we *did* get married on a BEACH so I could show some pics of the island if nothing else - oh, it'll warm you up just to think about it!

Have a groovy week!

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