Sunday, April 25

Make a new plan, Stan

Yes, I've been singing this song all day now. I like Paul Simon though, so it's okay!

Poseidon and I spent Saturday morning crunching numbers and deciding which was the best way to move a family of four across the country. After two hours of writing, adding, subtracting and bouncing ideas around, we made the decision to fly everyone out instead of the cross-country drive we were hoping to make. We will still make that drive, but are now saving it for a future visit back home in a year or two.

So, here's our new plan for leading up to The Big Move:
This weekend, we've listed things on Ebay that were going to be sold anyway.
May 2-8: ship everything sold there, list other things on Craigslist.
May 8-9: Mother's Day weekend - for the last two years, I have had Mom and my mother-in-law over for a "tea party" the day before the holiday; this year I may still be able to do that, and I also want to invite a wonderful lady who used to work with Poseidon (she retired in January) and our landlady (if she isn't busy with her daughter).
May 14: be totally finished with Ebay and Craigslist selling and shipping.
May 15: yard sale! (Let me know if you need our address! LOL) We're selling off almost everything, as we've mostly decided what we actually *are* moving out to Portland with us.
May 18: the kids are out of school for primary elections, so we might just set any yard sale "leftovers" out and try to get all of it sold.
May 22-31: we are hoping to box up most of our non-essentials, and store them at Mom's house for a while. (Things like winter clothes and heavy blankets, stuff we won't need for a few months.) Dad said he'd ship these out to us once we've found a place to live out there.
May 31: our last day in this house! We'll turn in the keys and hug all our neighbors who will be missed!
June 1-3: the kids' last 3 days of school. Still working on the actual plan for getting them back and forth for these days, but it *is* only 3 days.

After school on the 3rd, we'll all head over to my in-laws' place and camp out there for a week; we hope to use this week for some visiting and goodbyes with friends too. June 10th we'll head north and spend a week with my parents, during which time we'll sell the car and have visiting with all the folks up there. We're tentatively scheduling ourselves to fly out on June 17th. That's just the date we used to get estimates in figuring out just how to get moved; however we do still hope to be in Portland by July 1st. Everything leading up to the end of the school year is pretty well set now, and as it gets closer we'll finalize the details for June. I will still keep this updated as originally planned!

Now, we have much to do and little time left in which to do it all! Have a great week everyone =)
Enjoy some music from my library:

Love and blessings,

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Anonymous said...

So does this mean you are still planning to stop by our place before you head out? We'd love to have you guys for a few days (I could even use some vacation days)!