Sunday, January 10

Kids' Winter Break from school 2009 - pics

Okay, I said I'd have them all up by Sunday (today). I do have most of them now - all that are missing are a couple of one of my friends; I'm waiting for him to let me know if I can put them online. Click the links to see the full sets on Flickr!

The kids' last day of school before the break was Dec. 18. My in-laws kept the kids for us that weekend so that I could get everything wrapped and re-hidden. They came home early on the 22nd (my MIL had an appointment over here that morning, so it was easier to just drop them off beforehand rather than coming here twice in 24 hours), and the three of us wrapped up the rest of the gifts for their daddy and cousins. This year, Miss Hurricane did a much better job of not telling anyone what we wrapped before they had a chance to open it! :D Not much interesting between then and our leaving for Mom's though, so without further ado:

Christmas at our house

Christmas with Poseidon's family

Bro's middle daughter has a December 30 birthday, so this next set has a couple pictures from that day too:

Christmas at Mom's house

While we were at Mom's, 2009 turned over to 2010. A friend from high school was having a New Year's Eve party and invited us and another friend's family. The moms gave permission for me to post their kids too; here's some of the photos I took that night... I'm still waiting for our other friend for permission to post him. He's active military and I don't want to compromise him in any way, but there is one of the back of his head :P

New Year's Eve fun with friends

I absolutely *love* the 'BROCCOLI!!' picture - she is too adorable but that one was hilarious! We had fun that night though... 6 adults sitting around a table talking and laughing, all the kids got along very well and played everywhere with everything, and nobody even started to leave until almost 1:30 a.m.! There also was no alcohol involved (honestly, a NY first for me) but when surrounded by friends and laughing... who needs it?! We all got to catch up on each other and poked fun too. I got to Mom's house and my face and sides were still sore from all the laughing!

We had a great break and visit with Mom & Dad, but I was glad to get back home too. The kids went back to school on Jan. 3rd, then have had Thursday and Friday off due to snow. It's snowing again, so there's a chance they'll be home again tomorrow - and that's fine with me! Poseidon is off work today, and tomorrow morning, so we have time to hang out in our jammies all day and possibly make snow people - or have a snowball fight!

I hope you all had a great holiday season! Many blessings to you and yours~

Namaste :)

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