Monday, May 18

Busy times are here!

May is always a busy time all around our families.... 6 May birthdays, 3 June birthdays, one anniversary, and Mother's Day all within a few weeks' time! So, I've been away. I know I haven't posted any updates since Timmy died... I took about a week to fully absorb that fact, then spent another week going through the rest of the grieving process. With everything else happening and more to come, this is the first chance I've taken to actually write *something*, even if it's a short one.
Here are the plans for the coming weeks:
~ I've had conferences w/ both kids' teachers, and will be scanning those papers and writing a post just for them. Last day of school is June 4th, I should have it done by then.
~ Poseidon & I are taking a trip out to Seattle during the first full week of June. Just the two of us, we figure if we don't do it now we may not have another chance for a very long time! We will have the camera and my MacBook so we can stay connected and post pics when we're not sight-seeing.
~ Miss Hurricane turns 6 years old tomorrow!! I'm taking cupcakes in for her class in the afternoon, and making whatever she wants (within reason!) for dinner. We all went out to IHOP on Saturday (her choice) to celebrate her birthday with strawberry waffles and scrambled eggs.
~Yesterday MIL had a birthday party for 4 of the current birthdays, and I have pics to upload from that. This weekend, barring rain, Mom is having a party for me and Miss Hurricane of which I will also have pictures. I may put all these birthday pics in one post, and soon I promise!

After June 21st, we're pretty much done for the summer. Mister Twister's birthday is in August, so the entire month of July is pretty open and I never have any idea what'll go on that month! I'll do better at keeping you all updated then too :D

Have a great week!


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