Monday, June 2

I'm 31 now. Wanna see?

I started writing this one last week. Took me until today to get all the pictures uploaded and sorted and all. I'm just going to copy/paste the original writing :-)

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! My kids and I went up to Mom's for the weekend. I turned 31 on the 27th, so she held a party/campout for me. Lordy, I can put away the wine coolers now. A case myself, easily.... Didn't even get a hangover, so now I *know* I'm old!! But I got to visit with a lot of family who I hadn't seen in a year or more. It was a really great time, the whole weekend! I just got all the pictures onto my computer, and have them up on Picasa for your viewing pleasure. (You can choose to view them as a slideshow, but you might miss some captions.) I went ahead and created nicknames or used abbreviations for most folks, but got permission from all the parents about pictures of the kids. Mostly, if you don't know who someone is, just ask - if you can get a hold of me, I can sort everyone out for you.

We came home on Monday evening, and I had a day of sewing for myself on Tuesday :-) I made one skirt, fixed another, put some pockets onto an apron dress, and reorganized my sewing area in a logical way. Now I know what I'm going to use to make what things, and I have all the materials and such in one place for each project. Starting that household management binder has helped me so much! {Thanks to you, Jenn!} This coming weekend I get to sew more too, as the kids will be camping with my in-laws for 4 days. Little Miss Hurricane got her first bike for a birthday gift, and she's been having a grand time riding up and down the sidewalk. I'll have to take pictures now that she's steady enough and doesn't need my help with it. Oh, she does have training wheels, but we live near the top of a slight incline, and she's needed me to push her along on the "uphill" part. It's getting easier for her, and I know she'll have a great time next weekend riding her bike with PawPaw.

Some of my friends had asked me what I got for my birthday. Well, as a combo Mother's Day/birthday gift from Poseidon and the kids, I got a green iPod Nano plus $25 in iTunes (MIL pitched in $20, and I had a $5 already). Didn't take me long to spend that! :-) Other than that, I got the usual cards from family, the party at Mom's (which was obviously a blast), and Tuesday for sewing. I actually get two more of those this weekend! I already have everything laid out too.... but I started a little tonight.

Now I need to get to those dishes that have been glaring at me all day. *sigh* The fun ends.... have a great week anyway!


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